MAGMA  2.7.1
Matrix Algebra for GPU and Multicore Architectures
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|oAllocate GPU device memoryImalloc, smalloc, etc
|oAllocate CPU host memoryImalloc_cpu, smalloc_cpu, etc
|oAllocate pinned CPU host memoryImalloc_pinned, smalloc_pinned, etc
|oCommunication CPU <=> GPU
|oConstants and convertersMappings between LAPACK, MAGMA, CBLAS, cuBLAS, and clBLAS constants
|oDevice management
|oQueue management
|oEvent management
|oError handling
|oMiscellaneous utilities
|oPrint matrix
|\Tuning (get_nb, etc.)Optimal block sizes vary with GPU and, to a lesser extent, CPU
oInternal routines============================================================
|oError handling
|oTesting routines
|oThread management
|oTimer utilities
|oQR panel to q, q to panel
|\GPU Kernels
oDense linear algebra============================================================
|oLinear system solversSolves \( Ax = b \)
|oOrthogonal/unitary factorizations
|oSingular Value Decomposition (SVD)
|\MAGMA BLAS and Auxiliary
|oLinear system solversSolves \( Ax = b \)
|oOrthogonal/unitary factorizations
|\MAGMA BLAS and Auxiliary
 oSparse linear systemsSolve \( Ax = b \)
 oSparse eigenvalues
 oSparse preconditioners
 oGPU kernels for sparse LA
 oSparse BLAS
 oSparse auxiliary
 \Sparse unfiled