MAGMA  2.7.1
Matrix Algebra for GPU and Multicore Architectures
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MAGMA BLAS and Auxiliary



 Math functions (sqrt, etc.), O(1) work
 Level 1: vectors operations, O(n) work
 Vector operations that perform \( O(n) \) work on \( O(n) \) data.
 Level 2: matrix-vector operations, O(n^2) work
 Matrix operations that perform \( O(n^2) \) work on \( O(n^2) \) data.
 Level 3: matrix-matrix operations, O(n^3) work
 Matrix-matrix operations that perform \( O(n^3) \) work on \( O(n^2) \) data.
 Householder reflectors
 Precision conversion
 Matrix norms

Detailed Description

BLAS and Auxiliary functions. MAGMA BLAS functions that fit better in above categories (solvers, etc.) are listed there. Standard BLAS and LAPACK auxiliary routines are grouped by amount of work into Level 1, 2, 3.