SInRG - The Scalable Intracampus Research Grid
About SInRG

The Scalable Intracampus Research Grid (SInRG) is a National Science Foundation (NSF) funded project to create an interdisciplinary computational research environment on the University of Tennessee campus. Through various SInRG grants, a variety of high-power computing environments have been purchased for use by several academic departments at UT. These machines have been linked together with the university's existing networking infrastructure to create a grid-computing environment for both faculty and student researchers at the university. SInRG is a wildly heterogeneous environment, combining several hardware architectures, including Intel Pentium and Sun Sparc processors, hardware configurations, such as single processor, SMP, and clusters, and operating systems, including Linux and Solaris. SInRG machines have been configured with most of the major grid-computing middlewares, including NetSolve, Globus, and Condor.

NetSolve and SInRG

NetSolve is the preferred middleware for those who wish to utilize the computational resources available on SInRG because it provides several benefits over other available grid middlewares. Because SInRG machines are distributed to different academic departments, they are also under the control of different system administrators and require different user logins. By using NetSolve to access SInRG resources, users no longer need to request user accounts on each SInRG machine, but rather use the NetSolve agent and servers to access the needed resources. This scheme also simplifies the job of system administrators, who can determine which software resources they wish to share through NetSolve and no longer need to worry about the activities of their users. By using NetSolve users also do not need to worry about knowing where required libraries are installed or reserving system time, as NetSolve handles the resource discovery and scheduling automatically.

Researcher: Jack Dongarra ( )
Institution: University of Tennessee - Computer Science

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