Integrated Parallel Accurate Reservoir Simulators

Integrated Parallel Accurate Reservoir Simulators (IPARS), developed under the directorship of Mary Wheeler at the Center for Subsurface Modeling, at the University of Texas' Institute for Computational and Applied Mathematics, TICAM, is a framework for developing parallel models of subsurface flow and transport through porous media. It currently can simulate single phase (water only), two phase (water and oil) or three phase (water, oil and gas) flow through a multi-block 3D porous medium. IPARS can be applied to model water table decline due to overproduction near urban areas, or enhanced oil and gas recovery in industrial applications.

We have built a NetSolve interface to the IPARS system that allows users to access the full functionality of IPARS. Accessing the system via either the MATLAB, C, Mathematica, or FORTRAN interfaces, automatically executes simulations on a cluster of dual-node workstations that allow for much quicker execution than would be possible on a single local machine. The NetSolve system also does the post-processing of the output to use the third party software, TECPLOT, to render the 3D output images.

IPARS screen capture,

Among other things, NetSolve provides a gateway to the IPARS system without downloading and installing IPARS code. This means it can even be used on platforms that it has not yet been ported to. We further facilitate this interface by embedding it in html form within a web browser so that with just access to a web browser, one can enter input parameters and submit a request for execution of the IPARS simulator to a NetSolve system. The output images are then brought back and displayed to the web browser. This interaction shows how the NetSolve system can be used to create a robust grid computing environment in which powerful modeling software, like IPARS, becomes both easier to use and to administer.





Researcher: Sudesh Agrawal ( )
Institution: Innovative Computing Laboratory

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