Remote Image Rendering with NetSolve

The Persistence of Vision Raytracer (POV-Ray) is a free, high-quality tool for creating three-dimensional graphics. With a small library you can now remotely execute povray and thus leverage external computer ressources. The client side program allows one to distribute image rendering or animations across different sites and compose the pieces into a single picture or movie.

Image created using POV-Ray and NetSolve

The syntax for invoking the NetSolve-POV-Ray is the same as for the conventional version with a few extra options. e.g, instead of:

     ./povray +Iicl.pov +W500 +H400

you would use

     ./nspovray +Iicl.pov +W500 +H400

To distribute the job accross 3 machines in a non-blocking manner use

     ./nspovray +Iicl1.pov +W500 +H400 +N3 -non-blocking

For rendering a movie you can use the task-farming feature of NetSolve by invoking it with the following options

     ./nspovray icl.ini +Oicl.mpg +W500 +H400 +N4 -farming

Researcher: Christoph Fabianek ( )
Institution: Vienna University of Technology

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