NetSolve/GridSolve is a project that aims to bring together disparate computational resources connected by computer networks. It is a RPC based client/agent/server system that allows one to remotely access both hardware and software components.

The purpose of GridSolve is to create the middleware necessary to provide a seamless bridge between the simple, standard programming interfaces and desktop Scientific Computing Environments (SCEs) that dominate the work of computational scientists and the rich supply of services supported by the emerging Grid architecture, so that the users of the former can easily access and reap the benefits (shared processing, storage, software, data resources, etc.) of using the latter.

This vision of the broad community of scientists, engineers, research professionals and students, working with the powerful and flexible tool set provided by their familiar desktop SCEs, and yet able to easily draw on the vast, shared resources of the Grid for unique or exceptional resource needs, or to collaborate intensively with colleagues in other organizations and locations, is the vision that GridSolve will be designed to realize.

GridSolve Description [PDF]

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