GridSolve version 0.19.1 released

The GridSolve Client/Server/Agent and GridSolve Windows Client Library have been updated.
GridSolve 0.19.1 offers a number of enhancements and bug fixes over the 0.18.0 codebase.

An overview of changes is below:

  •  Added integration with SmartGridSolve through a collaborative effort with UCD Ireland
  •  Added ability to change Agent scheduler at run-time via a SIGHUP Signal
  •  Added GRIDSOLVE_DATA_DIR server attribute, which allows specifying where data files are to be stored
  •  Added GS_kill_all command to kill all components
  •  Added sequencing API and Strassen's algorithm example (beta!)
  •  Fixed build failures due to lack of Fortran compiler
  •  Fixed minor bugs when using newer versions of GCC

For a full list of changes addressed in previous releases see the ChangeLog.

GridSolve is available for download from:

Best regards from the GridSolve developers at UTK and UCD.

  •  Keith Seymour (UTK)
  •  Asim YarKhan (UTK)
  •  Thomas Brady (UCD Ireland)


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