Enabling technologies and software for scientific computing

The Innovative Computing Laboratory (ICL) aspires to be a world leader in enabling technologies and software for scientific computing. Our vision is to provide high performance tools to tackle science’s most challenging problems and to play a major role in the development of standards for scientific computing in general.

ICL is a research laboratory in the College of Engineering at the University of Tennessee and serves as the cornerstone laboratory of the Center for Information Technology Research (CITR), one of UT’s nine Centers of Excellence.

Recent Publications

Danalis, A., and H. Jagode, "Performance Application Programming Interface", Accelerated Computing with HIP: Sun, Baruah and Kaeli, 2022-12.
Lindquist, N., P. Luszczek, and J. Dongarra, "Using Additive Modifications in LU Factorization Instead of Pivoting", 37th ACM International Conference on Supercomputing (ICS'23), Orlando, FL, ACM, 2023-06.  (624.18 KB)
Barry, D., H. Jagode, A. Danalis, and J. Dongarra, "Memory Traffic and Complete Application Profiling with PAPI Multi-Component Measurements", 2023 IEEE International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium Workshops (IPDPSW), St. Petersburg, Florida, IEEE, to appear, 2023.
Herault, T., J. Schuchart, E. F. Valeev, and G. Bosilca, "Composition of Algorithmic Building Blocks in Template Task Graphs", 2022 IEEE/ACM Parallel Applications Workshop: Alternatives To MPI+X (PAW-ATM), Dallas, TX, USA, IEEE, 2023-01, 2022.  (1015.99 KB)
Schuchart, J., and G. Bosilca, "MPI Continuations And How To Invoke Them", Sustained Simulation Performance 2021, Cham, Springer International Publishing, pp. 67 - 83, 2023-02.