CONE 1.0.1
(March 9, 2004)
Bug fix to allow correct accumulation of hardware counter values .TAR.GZ
CONE 1.0
(January 21, 2004)
First code release .TAR.GZ


CUBE 2.2
(May 22, 2006)
Added navigation buttons for HTML Browser. .TAR.GZ
CUBE 2.1
(December 15, 2005)
Can add additional mirrors. .TAR.GZ
CUBE 2.0
(April 12, 2005)
With performance algebra tools and topology display. .TAR.GZ
CUBE 2.0b
(November 08, 2004)
New: with performance algebra. .TAR.GZ
CUBE 1.0.7
(September 30, 2004)
Removed some compilation warnings on AIX, fixed a bug happening when the maximum severity is less than 0.1. .TAR.GZ
CUBE 1.0.6
(September 25, 2004)
Now works with g++ on solaris. .TAR.GZ
CUBE 1.0.5
(August 30, 2004)
Bug fix to allow input in DOS format. .TAR.GZ
CUBE 1.0.4
(August 27, 2004)
Bug fix in metric and call-tree display plus bug fix to allow operation in 64-bit environment. .TAR.GZ
CUBE 1.0.3
(May 21, 2004)
Several minor changes made. .TAR.GZ
CUBE 1.0.2
(May 5, 2004)
A bug in CUBE parser fixed. .TAR.GZ
CUBE 1.0.1
(April 29, 2004)
Compilation problem resolved. .TAR.GZ
CUBE 1.0
(January 16, 2004)
First code release. .TAR.GZ


KOJAK 2.2b3
(Aug 28, 2006)
2.2 Beta release. Includes a configure script for improved installation, Open Trace Format(OTF) support, Paraver trace-conversion support. CUBE should build also with newer versions of wxGTK and GTK2 now. .TAR.GZ
KOJAK 2.2b2
(Aug 27, 2005)
Includes support for measurement and analysis of MPI-2 and SHMEM (AIX TurboSHMEM only) 1-sided communication, support for holistic hardware-counter analysis, an experimental perturbation-compensation filter, improved support for IBM BlueGene/L platform, and a new New-BSD-style license. .TAR.GZ
KOJAK 2.2b1
(May 28, 2005)
Includes support for measurement of MPI-2 1-sided communication, limited support for analysis of MPI-2 1-sided communication, and improved support for IBM BlueGene/L platform. .TAR.GZ
(April 13, 2005)
Includes CUBE 2.0 with algebra tools and topology display. Also new time-correct utilities and new EPILOG r/w interface. .TAR.GZ
KOJAK 2.1b1
(November 8, 2004)
Includes CUBE 2.0b with performance algebra tools. .TAR.GZ
(November 8, 2004)
Includes CUBE 1.0, 32-/64bit installation and measurement support, and preliminary IBM BG/L support. .TAR.GZ
KOJAK 2.0b2
(October 1, 2004)
Integrated relase including CUBE display, preliminary support of Cray X1. .TAR.GZ
KOJAK 2.0b1
(May 17, 2004)
Now with C++-based analyzer and support for CUBE display. .TAR.GZ

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