Cyberinfrastructure Technology Watch (CTWatch) was an online venue designed to engage the science and engineering research community in the news, ideas, and information surrounding the emergence of cyberinfrastructure as the essential foundation for advanced scientific inquiry. Active from 2006-2008, CTWatch delivered current and insightful information from experts in academia, industry, and goverment from around the globe.

CTWatch was a joint effort of the new NSF funded Cyberinfrastructure Partnership (CIP) between the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) and the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA), and was carried out in collaboration with the Innovative Computing Laboratory (ICL) at the University of Tennessee. It served both as a forum for opinion and analysis on issues related to cyberinfrastructure generally, and as an ongoing news and information source concerning the latest innovations in cyberinfrastructure technology. As a forum, the goal of CTWatch was to present thoughtful opinion and analysis on cyberinfrastructure in all its myriad aspects, including its impact on research, education, and practice; its implications for science and technology policy; its evolution at the hands of engineering research and innovative technology; and its critical role in increasing the nation's industrial capacity and economic competitiveness. Our intent was to stimulate the kind of productive debate and dialogue, both within the research community and outside it, which we believe the advent of this powerful new era of shared cyberinfrastructure requires. We're confident we achieved our goal.

Though no longer published, all the issues and articles are still available here for download and printing.