What do E.T. and cancer research have in common?

For all the extraterrestrial fans out there and in recognition of the 60th Anniversary of the Roswell incident, it seems only natural to take a look at the latest in public distributing computing. Purchasing a supercomputer (or time on one) is one way to perform research that requires heavy computational power. Another is to utilize the idle time and computing power of broadband connected, public PCs. One such project (and one you Roswell buffs should appreciate) would be the SETI@home effort, established in 1999 to use PC computing cycles to detect radio signals from space. If interested, here’s a pretty good primer on the project, though dated a little. But many projects are cropping up of a humanitarian nature to take advantage of the growing number of personal computers worldwide. Interested in letting your own computer help in cancer research, climate change research, etc? This site might be of interest.

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