Municipal Wi-fi

Ubiquitous wi-fi isn’t reality yet, but there is progress. In this article from CIO Today, big city (Philadelphia) wi-fi infrastructure is discussed. By 2006, Philadelphia hopes to have city-wide wireless capability, utilizing one service provider that will provide various price points to other entities, including other ISPs. Coming on the heels of news about Google providing free wi-fi to San Francisco, the stage is being set for quite a showdown between telcos and broadband companies as other cities start planning municipal wi-fi networks. With McCain and Lautenberg’s Community Broadband Act of 2005 on the legislative table, public service could get a much needed boost - depending on your perspective.

One Response to “Municipal Wi-fi”

  1. Jeremy Maddock Says:

    Things seem to be working out quite well so far, and these networks may even have the potential to open up additional communications channels within cities. For example, EarthLink has a new dea in the works to offer a Wi-Fi cellular service.

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