SANS Projects

The following represent the current projects that constitute the SANS Effort.

ATLAS stands for Automatically Tuned Linear Algebra Software. ATLAS is both a research project and a software package.

The Berkeley Benchmarking and Optimization Group

A site providing tools and software for sparse matrices.

LAPACK for clusters (LFC) is a software project that merges the ease of use of LAPACK with parallel processing capabilities of ScaLAPACK, without the latter one's software dependences other than BLAS and MPI implementation.

Optimization solvers that work with little input from the user.

FFT is one of the most widely used algorithms in science and engineering and this site is devoted to the parallelization of different FFT algorithms.

The Self-Adapting Large-scale Solver Architecture targets automatic algorithm choice in the context of linear and non-linear system solving.

Automatic generation of platform-adapted code for DSP algorithms.

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