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The Exascale Performance Application Programming Interface (Exa-PAPI) project is developing a new C++ Performance API (PAPI++) software package from the ground up that offers a standard interface and methodology for using low-level performance counters in CPUs, GPUs, on/off-chip memory, interconnects, and the I/O system—including energy/power management. PAPI++ is building upon classic-PAPI functionality and strengthening its path to exascale with a more efficient and flexible software design—a design that takes advantage of C++'s object-oriented nature but preserves the low-overhead monitoring of performance counters and adds a vast testing suite.

In addition to providing hardware counter–based information, a standardizing layer for monitoring software-defined events (SDE), which exposes the internal behavior of runtime systems and libraries (e.g., communication and math libraries) to the applications, is being incorporated. As a result, the notion of performance events is broadened from strictly hardware-related events to also include software-based information. Enabling monitoring of both hardware and software events provides more flexibility to developers when capturing performance information.

Find out more at http://icl.utk.edu/exa-papi/

Sponsored by

  1. Exascale Computing Project
  2. National Nuclear Security Administration
  3. The United States Department of Energy

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