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The Distributed Parallel Linear Algebra Software for Multi-core Architectures (DPLASMA) package is the leading implementation of a dense linear algebra package for distributed heterogeneous systems. It is designed to deliver sustained performance for distributed systems, where each node features multiple sockets of multi-core processors and, if available, accelerators like GPUs or Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors. DPLASMA achieves this objective by deploying PLASMA algorithms on distributed-memory systems using the state-of-the-art PaRSEC runtime.

In addition to traditional ScaLAPACK data distribution, DPLASMA provides interfaces for users to expose arbitrary data distributions. The algorithms operate transparently on local data or introduce implicit communications to resolve dependencies, thereby removing the burden of initial data reshuffle and providing the user with a novel approach to address load balance.

Find out more at https://icl.utk.edu/dplasma/

In Collaboration With

  1. Inria
  2. King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
  3. University of Colorado Denver

Sponsored by

  1. National Science Foundation

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