General questions
What is HPL?

HPL is a portable implementation of the Linpack benchmark.

What is the license for the HPL code?
Where do I send my suggestions or questions about HPCC?
What does HPL measure?
What software in addition to the benchmark program is needed?
What is Gflop/s?
What is the theoretical peak performance?
Why is my performance results below the theoritical peak?
Why are the performance results for my computer different than some other machine with the same characteristics?
What about the one processor case?
Can HPL be outperformed?
How do I tune HPL?
What is the relation of this benchmark to the Linpack benchmark?

The Linpack benchmark called the Highly Parallel Computing Benchmark can be found in Table 3 of the Linpack Benchmark Report (PDF). This benchmark attempts to measure the best performance of a machine in solving a system of equations. The problem size and software can be chosen to produce the best performance. HPL is the benchmark often used for the TOP500 report.

Input file
What problem size (matrix dimension N) should I use?
What block size NB should I use?
What process grid (P x Q) should I use?
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