General Questions
What does GrADS stand for?

The Grid Application Development Software Project

What is the GrADS project all about?

The GrADS (Grid Application Development Software) project works to provide a framework to make using Grid resources easier. This includes a program preparation phase, which will help a user gain access to Grid ready libraries, and perform other tasks to prepare the program to run on a Grid. A program execution phase will then find the appropriate Grid resources and run the program, monitoring the execution to ensure that certain performance criteria are met.

Is there a main paper describing the project?

The GrADS Project: Software Support for High-Level Grid Application Development, Francine Berman, Andrew Chien, Keith Cooper, Jack Dongarra, Ian Foster, Dennis Gannon, Lennart Johnsson, Ken Kennedy, Carl Kesselman, John Mellor-Crummey, Dan Reed, Linda Torczon, and Rich Wolski. International Journal of High Performance Computing Applications, Winter 2001 (Volume 15, Number 4), pp. 327-344.

Can I download the software?

The software is not yet available for public distribution. Please email someone in the peoples list to see if an early version of the code can be made available to you.

Does GrADS use Globus?

GrADS uses Globus as the Grid middleware, and builds additional services (such as scheduling, monitoring, migration) on top of Globus.

Where can I get more information?

The GrADS project is coordinated out of Rice University and the main archive is maintained there (http://www.hipersoft.rice.edu/grads/).

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