HARNESS FT-MPI complete software distribution

Complete distribution of the FT-MPI runtime library software and the ICL/UTK 'C' based HARNESS runtime system.

Version number 1.0.1

The distribution is self contained and includes extensive documentation as well as a number of FT examples codes that can be used as templates for new FT applications.

The MD5 hash of the distribution is: b2c87bdb3efbc7bb70c54b3f6cf8b6d6

File name: harness-ftmpi-1.0.1.tar.gz

The distribution is: 800 KBytes

1.0.1 changelist

- bug fix/clearification of MPI_LONG_LONG respectively MPI_LONG_LONG_INT - bug fix in the datatype handling for IA64 (and MPI_Aint) - bug fix in msg.c for intel-compilers on IA64 - README's are cleaned up - g_hcore_d loading of multiple plug-ins handled correctly - some minor warnings (prototype issues) in the ftmpi directory

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