HARNESS project

HARNESS is a joint DOE funded project involving Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), University of Tennessee at Knoxville (UTK/ICL) and Emory University in Atlanta, GA.

This page contains links to all of the HARNESS project web sites.

H2O is a follow-on to Harness project, and it is a Java-based, service-oriented platform for distributed computing. Adopting a provider-centric view of resource sharing, this project emphasizes lightweight software infrastructures that maintain minimal state, and interface to current and emerging distributed computing standards.

Harness is an experimental framework for next-generation distributed computing.

The HARNESS runtime system at the University of Tennessee is a 'C'language babed implementation using dynamic shared objects as HARNESS plug-ins. The HARNESS system allows for a high speed parallel RPC programming model.The system is included in the FT-MPI distribution.

Portal to all the HARNESS projects. Contains the overall goals of the HARNESS project and all of its sub-projects.

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