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Software Tools Ecosystem Project


The Software Tools Ecosystem Project (STEP) is a DOE ASCR-funded initiative, with ICL’s Heike Jagode as one of the co-PIs. As part of its efforts, STEP organized a series of three town hall meetings throughout the summer of 2023. The primary objective of these meetings has been to formulate a strategic action plan for DOE/ASCR, with a specific focus on the long-term stewardship and advancement of the HPC tools ecosystem.

As part of the STEP initiative, the PAPI project will receive five years of funding totaling $1.375M. The project aims to develop monitoring capabilities for emerging hardware technologies and create innovative abstractions for software-defined events. PAPI follows sustainable software practices and collaborates with stakeholders to meet the specific needs of the HPC community.

Find out more at https://ascr-step.org/