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For decades, ICL has applied algorithmic and technological innovations to pioneering, implementing, and disseminating dense linear algebra software—including the LAPACK (Linear Algebra PACKage) and ScaLAPACK (Scalable Linear Algebra PACKage) libraries. The SLATE (Software for Linear Algebra Targeting Exascale) project is the next iteration of our linear algebra libraries, using modern C++ technologies and targeting modern GPU-accelerated computer architectures to integrate into the ECP ecosystem.

For context, ScaLAPACK was first released in 1995, some 25 years ago. In the past two decades, HPC has witnessed tectonic shifts in hardware and software technology, and many algorithmic innovations in scientific computing. SLATE was conceived to be a replacement for ScaLAPACK, boasting superior performance and scalability in HPC’s modern, heterogeneous, distributed-memory environments.

Find out more at https://icl.utk.edu/slate/

Sponsored by

  1. Exascale Computing Project
  2. National Nuclear Security Administration
  3. The United States Department of Energy

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