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The Parallel Linear Algebra Software for Multi-core Architectures (PLASMA) implements a set of fundamental linear algebra routines using the latest updates to the OpenMP standard. PLASMA includes, among others, LAPACK-equivalent routines for solving linear systems of equations, linear least square problems, parallel BLAS, and parallel matrix norms.

Over the last decade, PLASMA has been used on various systems using Intel CPUs and coprocessors as well as AMD, IBM POWER, and ARM processors. As a research vehicle, PLASMA is an example of a modern design for new dense linear algebra algorithms. At the same time, PLASMA benefits from the continuous evolution of the OpenMP standard that now includes offloading functionality and enables porting to hardware accelerators. The latest PLASMA release, version 21.8.29 from August 2021, added a transpose option to xGETRS() and xGELS() functions, convenience scripts for C and Fortran examples, and a Python script for quickly launching tests in addition to fixing bugs for corner cases in LU and norm functions.

Find out more at https://github.com/icl-utk-edu/plasma/

In Collaboration With

  1. University of California Berkeley
  2. University of Colorado Denver

With Support From

  1. Fujitsu
  2. MathWorks
  3. National Science Foundation
  4. The United States Department of Energy

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