ICL Research Profile



The Biochar Enhanced Ecosystem Services for Energy Crop Systems in the Southeast project is sponsored by the Department of Energy Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. The project focuses on decarbonization strategies in the supply chain to decrease carbon intensity of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) through the application of biochar. Biochar contributes to carbon sequestration and fertilization, and it allows for pathways in a circular system. Our contribution to the project focuses on applying HPC and AI-driven strategies to predict biochar properties to optimize its utilization in SAF production systems in the southeast.

Team members are from The University of Tennessee Knoxville, The University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture; Tennessee State University; Mississippi State University; Oak Ridge National Laboratory; and industry partners, Kolmar-Americas, and Genera Inc.

In Collaboration With

  1. Mississippi State University
  2. Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  3. Tennessee State University
  4. UT Institute of Agriculture