The TOP500 List and Progress in High-Performance Computing

TitleThe TOP500 List and Progress in High-Performance Computing
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsStrohmaier, E., H. Meuer, J. Dongarra, and H. D. Simon
JournalIEEE Computer
Date Published2015-11
Keywordsapplication performance, Benchmark testing, benchmarks, Computer architecture, High Performance Computing, High-performance computing, Linpack, Market research, Parallel computing, Program processors, Scientific computing, Supercomputers, top500
AbstractFor more than two decades, the TOP500 list has enjoyed incredible success as a metric for supercomputing performance and as a source of data for identifying technological trends. The project's editors reflect on its usefulness and limitations for guiding large-scale scientific computing into the exascale era.
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