System Software for Many-Core and Multi-Core Architectures

TitleSystem Software for Many-Core and Multi-Core Architectures
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsHori, A., Y. Tsujita, A. Shimada, K. Yoshinaga, N. Mitaro, G. Fukazawa, M. Sato, G. Bosilca, A. Bouteiller, and T. Herault
EditorSato, M.
Book TitleAdvanced Software Technologies for Post-Peta Scale Computing: The Japanese Post-Peta CREST Research Project
PublisherSpringer Singapore
ISBN Number978-981-13-1924-2

In this project, the software technologies for the post-peta scale computing were explored. More specifically, OS technologies for heterogeneous architectures, lightweight thread, scalable I/O, and fault mitigation were investigated. As for the OS technologies, a new parallel execution model, Partitioned Virtual Address Space (PVAS), for the many-core CPU was proposed. For the heterogeneous architectures, where multi-core CPU and many-core CPU are connected with an I/O bus, an extension of PVAS, Multiple-PVAS, to have a unified virtual address space of multi-core and many-core CPUs was proposed. The proposed PVAS was also enhanced to have multiple processes where process context switch can take place at the user level (named User-Level Process: ULP). As for the scalable I/O, EARTH, optimization techniques for MPI collective I/O, was proposed. Lastly, for the fault mitigation, User Level Fault Mitigation, ULFM was improved to have faster agreement process, and sliding methods to substitute failed nodes with spare nodes was proposed. The funding of this project was ended in 2016; however, many proposed technologies are still being propelled.

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