A Survey of MPI Usage in the US Exascale Computing Project

TitleA Survey of MPI Usage in the US Exascale Computing Project
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsBernholdt, D. E., S. Boehm, G. Bosilca, M G. Venkata, R. E. Grant, T. Naughton, H. P. Pritchard, M. Schulz, and G. R. Vallee
JournalConcurrency Computation: Practice and Experience
Date Published2018-09
Type of ArticleSpecial Issue
Keywordsexascale, MPI

The Exascale Computing Project (ECP) is currently the primary effort in theUnited States focused on developing “exascale” levels of computing capabilities, including hardware, software, and applications. In order to obtain amore thorough understanding of how the software projects under the ECPare using, and planning to use theMessagePassing Interface (MPI), and help guide the work of our own project within the ECP, we created a survey.Of the 97 ECP projects active at the time the survey was distributed, we received 77 responses, 56 of which reported that their projects were usingMPI. This paper reports the results of that survey for the benefit of the broader community of MPI developers.

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