Performance Insights into Device-initiated RMA Using Kokkos Remote Spaces

TitlePerformance Insights into Device-initiated RMA Using Kokkos Remote Spaces
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2023
AuthorsMishler, D., J. Ciesko, S. Olivier, and G. Bosilca
Conference Name2023 IEEE International Conference on Cluster Computing Workshops (CLUSTER Workshops)
Date Published2023-11
Conference LocationSanta Fe, NM, USA

Achieving scalable performance on supercomputers requires careful coordination of communication and computation. Often, MPI applications rely on buffering, packing, and sorting techniques to accommodate a two-sided API, minimize communication overhead, and achieve performance goals. As interconnects between accelerators become more performant and scalable, programming models such as SHMEM may have the opportunity to enable bandwidth maximization along with ease of programming. In this work, we take a closer look at device-initiated PGAS programming models using NVIDIA Corp’s NVSHMEM communication library and our interface through the Kokkos Remote Spaces project. We show that benchmarks can benefit from this programming model in terms of performance and programmability. We anticipate similar results for miniapplications.

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