The International Exascale Software Project Roadmap

TitleThe International Exascale Software Project Roadmap
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsDongarra, J., P. Beckman, T. Moore, P. Aerts, G. Aloisio, J-C. Andre, D. Barkai, J-Y. Berthou, T. Boku, B. Braunschweig, F. Cappello, B. Chapman, X. Chi, A. Choudhary, S. Dosanjh, T. Dunning, S. Fiore, A. Geist, B. Gropp, R. Harrison, M. Hereld, M. Heroux, A. Hoisie, K. Hotta, Z. Jin, Y. Ishikawa, F. Johnson, S. Kale, R. Kenway, D. Keyes, B. Kramer, J. Labarta, A. Lichnewsky, T. Lippert, B. Lucas, B. MacCabe, S. Matsuoka, P. Messina, P. Michielse, B. Mohr, M. S. Mueller, W. E. Nagel, H. Nakashima, M. E. Papka, D. Reed, M. Sato, E. Seidel, J. Shalf, D. Skinner, M. Snir, T. Sterling, R. Stevens, F. Streitz, B. Sugar, S. Sumimoto, W. Tang, J. Taylor, R. Thakur, A. Trefethen, M. Valero, A. van der Steen, J. Vetter, P. Williams, R. Wisniewski, and K. Yelick
JournalInternational Journal of High Performance Computing
Date Published2011-01

Over the last 20 years, the open-source community has provided more and more software on which the world’s high-performance computing systems depend for performance and productivity. The community has invested millions of dollars and years of effort to build key components. However, although the investments in these separate software elements have been tremendously valuable, a great deal of productivity has also been lost because of the lack of planning, coordination, and key integration of technologies necessary to make them work together smoothly and efficiently, both within individual petascale systems and between different systems. It seems clear that this completely uncoordinated development model will not provide the software needed to support the unprecedented parallelism required for peta/ exascale computation on millions of cores, or the flexibility required to exploit new hardware models and features, such as transactional memory, speculative execution, and graphics processing units. This report describes the work of the community to prepare for the challenges of exascale computing, ultimately combing their efforts in a coordinated International Exascale Software Project.

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