CholeskyQR with Randomization and Pivoting for Tall Matrices (CQRRPT)

TitleCholeskyQR with Randomization and Pivoting for Tall Matrices (CQRRPT)
Publication TypePreprint
Year of Publication2024
AuthorsMelnichenko, M., O. Balabanov, R. Murray, J. Demmel, M. W. Mahoney, and P. Luszczek
Date Published2024-02

This paper develops and analyzes a new algorithm for QR decomposition with column pivoting (QRCP) of rectangular matrices with large row counts. The algorithm combines methods from randomized numerical linear algebra in a particularly careful way in order to accelerate both pivot decisions for the input matrix and the process of decomposing the pivoted matrix into the QR form. The source of the latter acceleration is a use of randomized preconditioning and CholeskyQR. Comprehensive analysis is provided in both exact and finite-precision arithmetic to characterize the algorithm's rank-revealing properties and its numerical stability granted probabilistic assumptions of the sketching operator. An implementation of the proposed algorithm is described and made available inside the open-source RandLAPACK library, which itself relies on RandBLAS - also available in open-source format. Experiments with this implementation on an Intel Xeon Gold 6248R CPU demonstrate order-of-magnitude speedups relative to LAPACK's standard function for QRCP, and comparable performance to a specialized algorithm for unpivoted QR of tall matrices, which lacks the strong rank-revealing properties of the proposed method.

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