Checkpointing à la Young/Daly: An Overview

TitleCheckpointing à la Young/Daly: An Overview
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2022
AuthorsBenoit, A., Y. Du, T. Herault, L. Marchal, G. Pallez, L. Perotin, Y. Robert, H. Sun, and F. Vivien
Conference NameIC3-2022: Proceedings of the 2022 Fourteenth International Conference on Contemporary Computing
Date Published2022-08
PublisherACM Press
Conference LocationNoida, India
ISBN Number9781450396752

The Young/Daly formula provides an approximation of the optimal checkpoint period for a parallel application executing on a supercomputing platform. The Young/Daly formula was originally designed for preemptible tightly-coupled applications. We provide some background and survey various application scenarios to assess the usefulness and limitations of the formula.

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