The most recent results of the MORSE associate team will be presented at the Supercomputing conference. Come and meet us!

You can preview the online version of the poster here:

The Chameleon solver is born !


Chameleon is a dense linear algebra software relying on sequential task-based algorithms where sub-tasks of the overall algorithms are submitted to a Runtime system. Such a system is a layer between the application and the hardware which handles the scheduling and the effective execution of tasks on the processing units. A Runtime system such as StarPU is able to manage automatically data transfers between not shared memory area (CPUs-GPUs, distributed nodes). This kind of implementation paradigm allows to design high performing linear algebra algorithms on very different type of architecture: laptop, many-core nodes, CPUs-GPUs, multiple nodes. Chameleon is a sub-project of MORSE specifically dedicated to dense linear algebra.

Visit the dedicated website, download and try the prerelease:

MORSE 1.0 is out!

The MORSE 1.0 sofware distribution is out. Download the library on the MORSE software homepage. Read our poster: morse-poster-1.0.pdf.

KAUST joins the Associate Team

KAUST joins the Associate Team!

MORSE released as MAGMA module

The MORSE module has been released as an extension to the MAGMA library. MAGMA can now handle multicore processors enhanced with multiple GPUs thanks to the StarPU runtime system. Get the flyer and download the code.

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