As computationally intensive modeling and simulation become staples of scientific life across every domain and discipline, the difficulty of acquiring and sustaining the necessary expertise in scientific computing is becoming increasingly acute for the broad rank and file of students and professionals. While access to necessary computing and information technology has improved dramatically over the past decade, the efficient application of scientific computing techniques still requires specialized knowledge of numerical methods and their implementation in mathematical software libraries that many students, scientists and engineers, working beyond the already strenuous demands of their particular field, must struggle to achieve. Active-Netlib addresses this problem by creating an active collection of mathematical software for science and engineering education. The purpose of this collection is to provide the kind of rich, highly interactive, inquiry-based learning environment needed to enable students and application scientists to attain the confident mastery of numerical methods and software libraries their work in this new era requires.

Active Netlib is part of the NSF National Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education Digital Library (NSDL) Program

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Supported by NSF under grant no. DUE-0121669


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