Tools and Techniques
for Characterization of Materials

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Characterization of various soils and their flow properties. Our approach combines the following tools and techniques:
  • X-Ray Computed Microtomography (CMT);
  • microscale flow simulation (using the Lattice-Boltzmann Method);
  • parallel commodity-based clusters and graphics cards (GPUs) computaions;
  • high-performance data analysis and visualization tools.

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Micrometeorite studies. CMT at BNL is used to analyze micrometeorites for the presence and location of high attenuation cores and low attenuation pores (described in [1]). Shown is a micrometeorite (279 microns diameter) with its outer surface (blue) made transparent. The red mass is a metal nugget; the yellow regions represent metal oxides.
[see meteorite movies M1, M12, M27]

[1] H.Feng, K.W.Jones, S.Tomov, B.Stewart, G.F.Herzog, C.Schnabel, and D.E.Brownlee, Internal structure of type-I deep-sea spherules by x-ray computed microtomography, Meteorics & Planetary Science, vol. 40/2, February 2005, pp. 195-206.
[2] S. Tomov and M. McGuigan, Interactive visualization of higher dimensional data in a multiview environment, arXiv:cs.GR/0405048, May 2004.