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Hello and welcome.

My name is Philip John Mucci. My passion is helping interesting people solve interesting problems. Part strategist and part technologist, I work on designing and optimizing systems for agility, efficiency and robustness. Frequent, open and honest communication are an integral part of my work when generating an actionable technology strategy. Inefficiency and discord are my enemies, yet I am a believer in the power of a vision driven by consensus. My formal background is in High Performance Computing (HPC), where I am known to be talented at the performance optimization of some of the biggest computer systems in the world. I am currently the president and co-founder of Minimal Metrics, and a research consultant for the Innovative Computing Laboratory. I also am the founder and advisor of Kathmandu-based Synergy Tech Software.

Among the things I love are the ocean, travel off the beaten path and grass-roots philanthrophy. My current place of residence is on the Emerald Coast of Florida where I live with my girlfriend Cissi and our cat Oliver.

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