Sample HPCC Awards Class 2 Submission


The language for implementation is Python. The messaging used is MPI. The implemented tests are EP-STREAM and RandomAccess.


The complete implementation of the benchmark tests is in file (raw source code is available as well).

There is no default (out-of-the-box) interface to MPI in Python so the submission includes one written in Pyrex. It's in the file mpi.pyx

Installation procedure should be self-explanatory after reading a make(1) file.


The tests were performed on two dual Intel Xeon EMT64 3.2 GHz computers with 2 GiBytes per processor. Inteconnect was Myrnet2000 and Lam 7.1.1 over TCP/IP was used as messaging layer. The output files are:
  1. One MPI process
  2. Two MPI processes
  3. Three MPI processes
  4. Four MPI processes