Variable Names Sample Values Explanations
#Basic Parameters
JDBCdriver com.mysql.jdbc.Driver JDBC driver used to access the database
connectionURL jdbc:mysql://localhost/ URL used to connect to the database
databaseName rib Name of the database
username rib Username used to access the database
password ****** Password used to access the database
platform unix Platform RIB is running on
xmlEncoding ISO-8859-1 Encoding used for XML processing
javaPath /usr/local/jdk1.5.0/bin Path to the Java interpreter
ribUrl URL of the RIB web application
ribDir /usr/local/jakarta-tomcat-5.5.4/webapps/rib3app Directory of the RIB installation
ribClassesDir /usr/local/jakarta-tomcat-5.5.4/webapps/rib3app/WEB-INF/classes Directory of the RIB webapp class files
ribLibraryDir /usr/local/jakarta-tomcat-5.5.4/webapps/rib3app/WEB-INF/lib Directory of the RIB webapp library files
ribVersion 3.0 RIB version number
#File Upload Parameters
sizeMax <leave blank if don't know> The maximum allowed upload size. If negative, there is no maximum.
sizeThreshold <leave blank if don't know> The size threshold beyond which files are written directly to disk.
repositoryPath <leave blank if don't know> The location used to temporarily store files that are larger than the configured size threshold.
#JavaMail Parameters
mailFrom The "From" address RIB uses to send out notification emails
mailSMTPHost The hostname of the SMTP server RIB connects to when sending emails. This could be different from the hostname part in the "From" address.
mailUsername rib-developers (optional) The username used to access the SMTP server. This could be different from the username part in the "From" address.
mailPassword ****** (optional) The password used to access the SMTP server
#Name mappings
about.exe about Mappings from the actual names of the servlets to their internal names (*.exe) used by the RIB code. Please leave this section untouched unless you have renamed your servlets.
adminRepository.exe adminRepository
advancedSearch.exe advancedSearch
approveObjects.exe approveObjects
attachFile.exe attachFile
catalog.exe catalog
catalogInfo.exe catalogInfo
changeContact.exe changeContact
changeMainPasswd.exe changeMainPasswd
changeName.exe changeName
changePasswdByApplet.exe changePasswdByApplet
changePasswdByWeb.exe changePasswdByWeb
changePrimClass.exe changePrimClass
createInterop.exe createInterop
createObject.exe createObject
createRepository.exe createRepository
deleteInterops.exe deleteInterops
deleteObjects.exe deleteObjects
deleteRepository.exe deleteRepository
editConfig.exe editConfig
editObject.exe editObject
enableJoin.exe enableJoin
enableWhatsNew.exe enableWhatsNew
existSearch.exe existSearch
forceInteropUpdate.exe forceInteropUpdate
getInteropLog.exe getInteropLog
importObjects.exe importObjects
importRepository.exe importRepository
join.exe join
listFiles.exe listFiles
listInteropObjects.exe listInteropObjects
listInterops.exe listInterops
listObjects.exe listObjects
listRepositories.exe listRepositories
logout.exe logout
object.exe object
passwordProtectCatalog.exe passwordProtectCatalog
proxy.exe proxy
repository.exe repository
requireObjectApproval.exe requireObjectApproval
saveTemplate.exe saveTemplate
search.exe search
setCatalogPasswd.exe setCatalogPasswd
setUpdateIntervals.exe setUpdateIntervals
top.exe top
unapproveObjects.exe unapproveObjects
uploadFile.exe uploadFile
vocabSearch.exe vocabSearch
whatsNew.exe whatsNew