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Bailey, D., J. Chame, C. Chen, J. Dongarra, M. Hall, J. K. Hollingsworth, P. D. Hovland, S. Moore, K. Seymour, J. Shin, et al., PERI Auto-tuning,” Proc. SciDAC 2008, vol. 125, Seatlle, Washington, Journal of Physics, January 2008.  (873.75 KB)
Wolf, F., B. Wylie, E. Abraham, W. Frings, K. Fürlinger, M. Geimer, M-A. Hermanns, B. Mohr, S. Moore, and M. Pfeifer, Usage of the Scalasca Toolset for Scalable Performance Analysis of Large-scale Parallel Applications,” Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Tools for High Performance Computing, Stuttgart, Germany, Springer, pp. 157-167, January 2008.  (229.2 KB)
Fürlinger, K., and S. Moore, Visualizing the Program Execution Control Flow of OpenMP Applications,” Proc. 4th International Workshop on OpenMP (IWOMP 2008), West Lafayette, Indiana, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 5004, pp. 181-190, January 2008.  (194.25 KB)
Song, F., S. Moore, and J. Dongarra, Analytical Modeling and Optimization for Affinity Based Thread Scheduling on Multicore Systems,” IEEE Cluster 2009, New Orleans, August 2009.  (395.53 KB)
Fürlinger, K., and S. Moore, Capturing and Analyzing the Execution Control Flow of OpenMP Applications,” International Journal of Parallel Programming, vol. 37, no. 3, pp. 266-276, 00 2009.
Jagode, H., S. Moore, D. Terpstra, J. Dongarra, A. Knuepfer, M. Jurenz, M. S. Mueller, and W. E. Nagel, I/O Performance Analysis for the Petascale Simulation Code FLASH,” ISC'09, Hamburg, Germany, June 2009.  (88.88 KB)
Portillo, R., P. J. Teller, D. Cronk, and S. Moore, Making Performance Analysis and Tuning Part of the Software Development Cycle,” Proceedings of DoD HPCMP UGC 2009, San Diego, CA, IEEE, June 2009.
Supinski, B. R. de, S. Alam, D. Bailey, L. Carrington, C. Daley, A. Dubey, T. Gamblin, D. Gunter, P. D. Hovland, H. Jagode, et al., Modeling the Office of Science Ten Year Facilities Plan: The PERI Architecture Tiger Team,” SciDAC 2009, Journal of Physics: Conference Series, vol. 180(2009)012039, San Diego, California, IOP Publishing, July 2009.  (906.39 KB)
Tomov, S., W. Lu, J. Bernholc, S. Moore, and J. Dongarra, Performance evaluation for petascale quantum simulation tools,” Proceedings of CUG09, Atlanta, GA, May 2009.  (1.09 MB)
Fürlinger, K., and S. Moore, Recording the Control Flow of Parallel Applications to Determine Iterative and Phase-Based Behavior,” Future Generation Computing Systems, vol. 26, pp. 162-166, 00 2009.
Song, F., S. Moore, and J. Dongarra, A Scalable Non-blocking Multicast Scheme for Distributed DAG Scheduling,” The International Conference on Computational Science 2009 (ICCS 2009), vol. 5544, Baton Rouge, LA, pp. 195-204, May 2009.  (228.45 KB)
Dongarra, J., and S. Moore, Empirical Performance Tuning of Dense Linear Algebra Software,” in Performance Tuning of Scientific Applications (to appear), 00 2010.
Tomov, S., W. Lu, J. Bernholc, S. Moore, and J. Dongarra, Performance Evaluation for Petascale Quantum Simulation Tools,” Proceedings of the Cray Users' Group Meeting, Atlanta, GA, May 2010.
Bernholc, J., M. Hodak, W. Lu, S. Moore, and S. Tomov, Scalability Study of a Quantum Simulation Code,” PARA 2010, Reykjavik, Iceland, June 2010.
You, H., B. Rekapalli, Q. Liu, and S. Moore, Autotuned Parallel I/O for Highly Scalable Biosequence Analysis,” TeraGrid'11, Salt Lake City, Utah, July 2011.  (275.34 KB)
You, H., Q. Liu, Z. Li, and S. Moore, The Design of an Auto-tuning I/O Framework on Cray XT5 System,” Cray Users Group Conference (CUG'11) (Best Paper Finalist), Fairbanks, Alaska, May 2011.  (459.57 KB)
Lively, C., X. Wu, V. Taylor, S. Moore, H-C. Chang, and K. Cameron, Energy and performance characteristics of different parallel implementations of scientific applications on multicore systems,” International Journal of High Performance Computing Applications, vol. 25, no. 3, pp. 342-350, 00 2011.  (467.18 KB)
Luszczek, P., E. Meek, S. Moore, D. Terpstra, V. M. Weaver, and J. Dongarra, Evaluation of the HPC Challenge Benchmarks in Virtualized Environments,” 6th Workshop on Virtualization in High-Performance Cloud Computing, Bordeaux, France, August 2011.  (114.73 KB)
Kasichayanula, K., H. You, S. Moore, S. Tomov, H. Jagode, and M. Johnson, Power-aware Computing on GPGPUs , Gatlinburg, TN, Fall Creek Falls Conference, Poster, September 2011.  (2.89 MB)
Lively, C., X. Wu, V. Taylor, S. Moore, H-C. Chang, C-Y. Su, and K. Cameron, Power-Aware Prediction Models of Hybrid (MPI/OpenMP) Scientific Applications,” International Conference on Energy-Aware High Performance Computing (EnA-HPC 2011), Hamburg, Germany, September 2011.  (479.49 KB)
Moore, S., and J. Ralph, User-Defined Events for Hardware Performance Monitoring,” Procedia Computer Science, vol. 4: Elsevier, pp. 2096-2104, May 2011.  (361.76 KB)
Weaver, V. M., M. Johnson, K. Kasichayanula, J. Ralph, P. Luszczek, D. Terpstra, and S. Moore, Measuring Energy and Power with PAPI,” International Workshop on Power-Aware Systems and Architectures, Pittsburgh, PA, September 2012.  (146.79 KB)
Johnson, M., H. McCraw, S. Moore, P. Mucci, J. Nelson, D. Terpstra, V. M. Weaver, and T. Mohan, PAPI-V: Performance Monitoring for Virtual Machines,” CloudTech-HPC 2012, Pittsburgh, PA, September 2012.  (2.69 MB)
Kasichayanula, K., D. Terpstra, P. Luszczek, S. Tomov, S. Moore, and G. D. Peterson, Power Aware Computing on GPUs,” SAAHPC '12 (Best Paper Award), Argonne, IL, July 2012.  (658.06 KB)
Weaver, V., D. Terpstra, and S. Moore, Non-Determinism and Overcount on Modern Hardware Performance Counter Implementations,” 2013 IEEE International Symposium on Performance Analysis of Systems and Software, Austin, TX, IEEE, April 2013.  (307.24 KB)
Weaver, V., D. Terpstra, H. McCraw, M. Johnson, K. Kasichayanula, J. Ralph, J. Nelson, P. Mucci, T. Mohan, and S. Moore, PAPI 5: Measuring Power, Energy, and the Cloud , Austin, TX, 2013 IEEE International Symposium on Performance Analysis of Systems and Software, April 2013.  (78.39 KB)