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Tech Report
You, H., K. Seymour, J. Dongarra, and S. Moore, Automated Empirical Tuning of a Multiresolution Analysis Kernel,” ICL Technical Report, no. ICL-UT-07-01, pp. 10, January 2007.  (120.7 KB)
Kurzak, J., S. Tomov, and J. Dongarra, Autotuning GEMMs for Fermi,” University of Tennessee Computer Science Technical Report, UT-CS-11-671, (also Lawn 245), April 2011.  (397.45 KB)
Anzt, H., E. Chow, and J. Dongarra, On block-asynchronous execution on GPUs,” LAPACK Working Note, no. 291, November 2016.  (1.05 MB)
Anzt, H., S. Tomov, J. Dongarra, and V. Heuveline, A Block-Asynchronous Relaxation Method for Graphics Processing Units,” University of Tennessee Computer Science Technical Report, no. UT-CS-11-687 / LAWN 258, November 2011.  (1.08 MB)
Abdelfattah, A., K. Arturov, C. Cecka, J. Dongarra, C. Freitag, M. Gates, A. Haidar, J. Kurzak, P. Luszczek, S. Tomov, et al., C++ API for Batch BLAS,” SLATE Working Notes, no. 04, ICL-UT-17-12: University of Tennessee, December 2017.  (1.89 MB)
Gates, M., P. Luszczek, A. Abdelfattah, J. Kurzak, J. Dongarra, K. Arturov, C. Cecka, and C. Freitag, C++ API for BLAS and LAPACK,” SLATE Working Notes, no. 02, ICL-UT-17-03: Innovative Computing Laboratory, University of Tennessee, June 2017.  (1.12 MB)
Fayad, D., J. Kurzak, P. Luszczek, P. Wu, and J. Dongarra, The Case for Directive Programming for Accelerator Autotuner Optimization,” Innovative Computing Laboratory Technical Report, no. ICL-UT-17-07: University of Tennessee, October 2017.  (341.52 KB)
Kolev, T., P. Fischer, A. Abdelfattah, S. Ananthan, V. Barra, N. Beams, R. Bleile, J. Brown, R. Carson, J-S. Camier, et al., CEED ECP Milestone Report: Improve Performance and Capabilities of CEED-Enabled ECP Applications on Summit/Sierra,” ECP Milestone Reports: Zenodo, May 2020.  (28.12 MB)
Tomov, S., A. Abdelfattah, V. Barra, N. Beams, J. Brown, J-S. Camier, V. Dobrev, J. Dongarra, Y. Dudouit, P. Fischer, et al., CEED ECP Milestone Report: Performance Tuning of CEED Software and 1st and 2nd Wave Apps : Zenodo, October 2019.  (8.31 MB)
Buttari, A., J. Langou, J. Kurzak, and J. Dongarra, A Class of Parallel Tiled Linear Algebra Algorithms for Multicore Architectures,” University of Tennessee Computer Science Technical Report, no. UT-CS-07-600 (also LAPACK Working Note 191), January 2007.