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Journal Article
Haidar, A., A. Abdelfattah, M. Zounon, S. Tomov, and J. Dongarra, A Guide for Achieving High Performance with Very Small Matrices on GPUs: A Case Study of Batched LU and Cholesky Factorizations,” IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, vol. 29, issue 5, pp. 973–984, May 2018.  (832.92 KB)
Vadhiyar, S., and J. Dongarra, GrADSolve - A Grid-based RPC System for Remote Invocation of Parallel Software,” Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing (submitted), March 2003.  (241.3 KB)
Berman, F., A. Chien, K. Cooper, J. Dongarra, I. Foster, D. Gannon, L. Johnsson, K. Kennedy, C. Kesselman, J. Mellor-Crummey, et al., The GrADS Project: Software Support for High-Level Grid Application Development,” International Journal of High Performance Applications and Supercomputing, vol. 15, no. 4, pp. 327-344, January 2001.  (271.52 KB)
Anzt, H., P. Luszczek, J. Dongarra, and V. Heuveline, GPU-Accelerated Asynchronous Error Correction for Mixed Precision Iterative Refinement,” EuroPar 2012 (also LAWN 260), Rhodes Island, Greece, August 2012.  (662.98 KB)
Abdelfattah, A., V. Barra, N. Beams, R. Bleile, J. Brown, J-S. Camier, R. Carson, N. Chalmers, V. Dobrev, Y. Dudouit, et al., GPU algorithms for Efficient Exascale Discretizations,” Parallel Computing, vol. 108, pp. 102841, 2021.
Cojean, T., Y-H. Mike Tsai, and H. Anzt, Ginkgo—A math library designed for platform portability,” Parallel Computing, vol. 111, pp. 102902, February 2022.
Anzt, H., T. Cojean, G. Flegar, F. Göbel, T. Grützmacher, P. Nayak, T. Ribizel, Y. Mike Tsai, and E. S. Quintana-Ortí, Ginkgo: A Modern Linear Operator Algebra Framework for High Performance Computing,” ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software, vol. 48, issue 12, pp. 1 - 33, March 2022.  (4.2 MB)
Anzt, H., T. Cojean, Y-C. Chen, F. Goebel, T. Gruetzmacher, P. Nayak, T. Ribizel, and Y-H. Tsai, Ginkgo: A High Performance Numerical Linear Algebra Library,” Journal of Open Source Software, vol. 5, issue 52, August 2020.  (721.84 KB)
Han, L., V. Le Fèvre, L-C. Canon, Y. Robert, and F. Vivien, A Generic Approach to Scheduling and Checkpointing Workflows,” International Journal of High Performance Computing Applications, vol. 33, issue 6, pp. 1255-1274, November 2019.  (555.01 KB)
Han, L., V. Le Fèvre, L-C. Canon, Y. Robert, and F. Vivien, A Generic Approach to Scheduling and Checkpointing Workflows,” Int. Journal of High Performance Computing Applications, vol. 33, no. 6, pp. 1255-1274, 2019.  (555.01 KB)
Conference Proceedings
YarKhan, A., J. Dongarra, and K. Seymour, GridSolve: The Evolution of Network Enabled Solver,” Grid-Based Problem Solving Environments: IFIP TC2/WG 2.5 Working Conference on Grid-Based Problem Solving Environments (Prescott, AZ, July 2006): Springer, pp. 215-226, 00 2007.  (377.48 KB)
Miller, M., C. Moulding, J. Dongarra, and C. Johnson, Grid-Enabling Problem Solving Environments: A Case Study of SCIRUN and NetSolve,” Proceedings of the High Performance Computing Symposium (HPC 2001) in 2001 Advanced Simulation Technologies Conference, Seattle, Washington, Society for Modeling and Simulation International, April 2001.  (144.19 KB)
Cunha, M., J. Telles, A. YarKhan, and J. Dongarra, Grid Computing applied to the Boundary Element Method,” Proceedings of the First International Conference on Parallel, Distributed and Grid Computing for Engineering, vol. 27, no. :104203/9027, Stirlingshire, UK, Civil-Comp Press, 00 2009.
Vadhiyar, S., J. Dongarra, and A. YarKhan, GrADSolve - RPC for High Performance Computing on the Grid,” Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Proceedings of the 9th International Euro-Par Conference, vol. 2790, Klagenfurt, Austria, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, pp. 394-403, January 2003.  (125.96 KB)
Conference Paper
Abdelfattah, A., S. Tomov, P. Luszczek, H. Anzt, and J. Dongarra, GPU-based LU Factorization and Solve on Batches of Matrices with Band Structure,” SC-W 2023: Workshops of The International Conference on High Performance Computing, Network, Storage, and Analysis, Denver, CO, ACM, November 2023.
Wu, W., G. Bosilca, R. vandeVaart, S. Jeaugey, and J. Dongarra, GPU-Aware Non-contiguous Data Movement In Open MPI,” 25th International Symposium on High-Performance Parallel and Distributed Computing (HPDC'16), Kyoto, Japan, ACM, June 2016.  (482.32 KB)
Anzt, H., E. Ponce, G. D. Peterson, and J. Dongarra, GPU-accelerated Co-design of Induced Dimension Reduction: Algorithmic Fusion and Kernel Overlap,” 2nd International Workshop on Hardware-Software Co-Design for High Performance Computing, Austin, TX, ACM, November 2015.  (1.46 MB)
Patinyasakdikul, T., D. Eberius, G. Bosilca, and N. Hjelm, Give MPI Threading a Fair Chance: A Study of Multithreaded MPI Designs,” IEEE Cluster, Albuquerque, NM, IEEE, September 2019.  (220.84 KB)
Herault, T., Y. Robert, G. Bosilca, and J. Dongarra, Generic Matrix Multiplication for Multi-GPU Accelerated Distributed-Memory Platforms over PaRSEC,” ScalA'19: 10th Workshop on Latest Advances in Scalable Algorithms for Large-Scale Systems, Denver, CO, IEEE, November 2019.  (260.69 KB)
Han, L., V. Le Fèvre, L-C. Canon, Y. Robert, and F. Vivien, A Generic Approach to Scheduling and Checkpointing Workflows,” The 47th International Conference on Parallel Processing (ICPP 2018), Eugene, OR, IEEE Computer Society Press, August 2018.  (737.11 KB)
Schuchart, J., P. Nookala, M. Mahdi Javanmard, T. Herault, E. F. Valeev, G. Bosilca, and R. J. Harrison, Generalized Flow-Graph Programming Using Template Task-Graphs: Initial Implementation and Assessment,” 2022 IEEE International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium (IPDPS), Lyon, France, IEEE, July 2022.