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Conference Paper
Haidar, A., S. Tomov, K. Arturov, M. Guney, S. Story, and J. Dongarra, LU, QR, and Cholesky Factorizations: Programming Model, Performance Analysis and Optimization Techniques for the Intel Knights Landing Xeon Phi,” IEEE High Performance Extreme Computing Conference (HPEC'16), Waltham, MA, IEEE, September 2016.  (943.23 KB)
Tech Report
Abdelfattah, A., K. Arturov, C. Cecka, J. Dongarra, C. Freitag, M. Gates, A. Haidar, J. Kurzak, P. Luszczek, S. Tomov, et al., C++ API for Batch BLAS,” SLATE Working Notes, no. 04, ICL-UT-17-12: University of Tennessee, December 2017.  (1.89 MB)
Gates, M., P. Luszczek, A. Abdelfattah, J. Kurzak, J. Dongarra, K. Arturov, C. Cecka, and C. Freitag, C++ API for BLAS and LAPACK,” SLATE Working Notes, no. 02, ICL-UT-17-03: Innovative Computing Laboratory, University of Tennessee, June 2017.  (1.12 MB)