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Journal Article
Schuchart, J., P. Samfass, C. Niethammer, J. Gracia, and G. Bosilca, Callback-based completion notification using MPI Continuations,” Parallel Computing, vol. 21238566, issue 0225, pp. 102793, May Jan.
Conference Proceedings
Schuchart, J., S. Hunold, and G. Bosilca, Synchronizing MPI Processes in Space and Time,” EUROMPI '23: 30th European MPI Users' Group Meeting, Bristol, United Kingdom, ACM, September 2023.
Conference Paper
Schuchart, J., C. Niethammer, J. Gracia, and G. Bosilca, Quo Vadis MPI RMA? Towards a More Efficient Use of MPI One-Sided Communication,” EuroMPI'21, Garching, Munich Germany, 2021.  (835.27 KB)
Schuchart, J., P. Nookala, T. Herault, E. F. Valeev, and G. Bosilca, Pushing the Boundaries of Small Tasks: Scalable Low-Overhead Data-Flow Programming in TTG,” 2022 IEEE International Conference on Cluster Computing (CLUSTER), Heidelberg, Germany, IEEE, September 2022.
Schuchart, J., and G. Bosilca, MPI Continuations And How To Invoke Them,” Sustained Simulation Performance 2021, Cham, Springer International Publishing, pp. 67 - 83, February 2023.
Schuchart, J., P. Nookala, M. Mahdi Javanmard, T. Herault, E. F. Valeev, G. Bosilca, and R. J. Harrison, Generalized Flow-Graph Programming Using Template Task-Graphs: Initial Implementation and Assessment,” 2022 IEEE International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium (IPDPS), Lyon, France, IEEE, July 2022.
Herault, T., J. Schuchart, E. F. Valeev, and G. Bosilca, Composition of Algorithmic Building Blocks in Template Task Graphs,” 2022 IEEE/ACM Parallel Applications Workshop: Alternatives To MPI+X (PAW-ATM), Dallas, TX, USA, IEEE, January 2023, 2022.  (1015.99 KB)