PLASMA 2.6.0 Release

PLASMA 2.6.0 has been release integrating new features and updated kernel documentation.

This package contains the following updates:

  • libcoreblas has been made fully independent. All dependencies to libplasma and libquark have been removed. A pkg-config file has been added to ease compilation of projects using the stand-alone coreblas library.
  • New routines PLASMA_[sdcz]pltmg[_Tile[_Async]], for PLasma Test Matrices Generation, have been added to create special test matrices from the Matlab gallery. This includes Cauchy, Circulant, Fiedler, Foster, Hadamard, Hankel, Householder and many other matrices.
  • Add norms computation for triangular matrices: PLASMA_[sdcz]lantr[_Tile[_Async]], and dependent kernels.
  • Doxygen documentation of coreblas kernels have been updated.
  • Fix problem reported by J. Dobson from NAG on thread settings modification made in singular values, eigen values toutines when MKL is used.


All files are available for download in the Software section of the PLASMA site.

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