PLASMA 2.5.0 Beta 1 Release

PLASMA 2.5.0b1 has been released and contains new algorithms to compute condition estimators for general and positive definite cases.

This package contains the following updates:

  • Introduce  condition  estimators  for General and Positive Definite cases (xGECON, xPOCON)

  • Fix recurring with lapack release number in plasma-installer

  • Fix  out-of-order  computation  in  QR/LQ  factorization  that were causing numerical issues with dynamic scheduling

  • Fix many comments in the Doxygen documentation

  • Correct some performance issues with in-place layout translation

This release is actually a beta as condion estimators are not fully tested, and because rank-revealing QR functions will be added to the final release.

All files are available for download in the Software section of the PLASMA site.

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