Announcing PAPI 5.6.0

PAPI 5.6.0 contains a major cleanup of the source code and the build system to have consistent code structure, eliminate errors, and reduce redundancies.  A number of validation tests have been added to PAPI to verify the PAPI preset events.  Improvements and changes to multiple PAPI components have been made, varying from supporting new events to fixes in the component testing. 

For specific and detailed information on changes made in this release, see ChangeLogP560.txt for keywords of interest or go directly to the PAPI git repository.

Acknowledgements: This release is the result of efforts from many people, with special Thanks to Vince Weaver, Phil Mucci, Steve Kauffman, William Cohen, Will Schmidt, and Stephane Eranian (for libpfm4) from the internal PAPI team.

The PAPI release can be downloaded from

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