Processor specific and related software information

This section contains links to vendor specific processor information as well as information about tools using PAPI and software related or relevant to the PAPI project.

Tools Using PAPI

Programs to automatically instrument Fortran and and C; Tools to take the output, and make the statistics global across a machine; Performance prediction tools.

Related Software

AMD Opteron and Athlon 64

Compaq DEC Alpha


General link to documentation for all of Cray's products.

Manual specific to the Cray X1. See particularly Chapter 2 and Appendix B.

IBM Power Series

Intel IA-64 and IA-32

Links to all current Intel® 64 and IA-32 documentation. Note that Volume 3B contains detailed information on hardware performance counters.

Intel Itanium

SGI (MIPS) R10000 and R12000

Sun Microsystems Ultra I, II and III

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