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Open | SpeedShop
Open | SpeedShop for Linux

Open|SpeedShop is a project co-funded by the Department of Energy (DOE), managed by the Tri-laboratories of LLNL, LANL, and Sandia, and developed by SGI. Open|SpeedShop utilizes dynamic instrumentation technology developed at the Universities of Wisconsin and Maryland.

Open|SpeedShop is an open source multi platform Linux performance tool which is initially targeted to support performance analysis of applications running on both single node and large scale IA64, IA32, EM64T, and AMD64 platforms. It is explicitly designed with usability in mind and targets both application and computer scientists.

Open|SpeedShop's base functionality includes metrics like exclusive and inclusive user time, MPI call tracing, and CPU hardware performance counter experiments. In addition, Open|SpeedShop is designed to be modular and easily extendable. It supports several levels of plugins which allow users to add their own performance experiments.

For more information please visit the project web pages at Open | SpeedShop.

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