Supported Platforms: Currently Supported

These platforms are actively supported in the current release of PAPI.

Operating System Processor Driver Notes
AIX 5.x IBM POWER5, POWER6 bos.pmapi xlc 6+
AIX 6.x IBM POWER7 bos.pmapi under development
Cray Linux Environment 2.x, 3.x Cray XT{3 - 6}, XE{5, 6} none  
Compute Node Kernel IBM Blue Gene P none  
FreeBSD x86, x86_64 (Intel, AMD) HWPMC driver  
Linux x86, x86_64 (Intel, AMD) PerfCtr 2.6.x kernel 2.6.x
  x86, x86_64 (Intel, AMD) Perfmon2 kernel 2.6.30 and below
  x86, x86_64 (Intel, AMD), ARM, MIPS perf_events kernel 2.6.32 and above
  Intel Itanium II, Montecito, Montvale none  
    Perfmon2 Linux 2.6.30 and below
  IBM POWER4, 5, 6, 7 PerfCtr 2.7.x  
    perf_events kernel 2.6.32 and above
  IBM PowerPC970, 970MP PerfCtr 2.7.x  
Solaris 8, 9 UltraSparc I, II & III none  
Solaris 10 Niagara 2 none  

Further details on linux platform support can be found on the excellent web page maintained by Vince Weaver and found here.

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