Supported Platforms: Deprecated

These platforms have been deprecated in the current version of PAPI but are still supported in older versions of PAPI available on the Software Download or Software Archive pages.

Hardware Operating System Requirements
SiCortex Linux perfmon2 (preinstalled)
MIPS R10K, R12K, R14K IRIX none
Cell Linux Stephane Eranian's Perfmon2 kernel patch from sourceforge
POWER3, 604, 604e AIX 4.3.x pmtoolkit from IBM alphaWorks
Cray T3E Unicos none
Cray X1 Unicos/mp none
Cray X2 Unicos/lc OS version 2.1 or above
Cray XD1 Linux none
Cray XT3 Catamount none
Intel thru Pentium III, Athlon, Opteron Windows NT, 2000, XP, Server 2003 adminstrator privilege for installation
Intel Itanium 1 Linux 2.4,2.6 Stephane Eranian's PerfMon kernel patch for Linux (included)
Alpha Tru64 Unix Contact Hewlett Packard for required system software
Alpha Linux IProbe patch (included)

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