MAGMA 2.7.0

MAGMA 2.7.0 is now released. This release includes:

  • Add support for builds targeting NVIDIA's Hopper architecture;
  • New routine: magma_dshposv_gpu and magma_dshposv_native solve Ax = b,
    for a symmetric positive definite matrix 'A', using FP16 during the Cholesky
    factorization. GMRES-based iterative refinement is used to recover the solution
    up to double precision accuracy. The '_gpu' suffix denotes a hybrid CPU-GPU
    factorization, while '_native' denotes a GPU-only factorization;
  • Performance improvement for the batch QR factorization routine;
  • Performance improvement for the variable size batch LU factorization routine;
  • Bug fixes, performance optimizations, benchmark additions, and maintenance
    updates to support current and new MAGMA routines, latest NVIDIA and AMD
    math libraries and GPU hardware.
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