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MAGMA provides implementations for CUDA, HIP, Intel Xeon Phi, and OpenCL. The latest releases are MAGMA 2.6.1 for CUDA and HIP, MAGMA MIC 1.4.0 for Intel Xeon Phi, and clMAGMA 1.3 for OpenCL. The libraries available for download are listed below in the order of their release dates.

Please use any of the following publications to reference MAGMA.

MAGMA Bitbucket repository:


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MAGMA 2.6.1

MAGMA 2.6.1 is now released. This patch release of MAGMA 2.6 includes:

  • Bug fix for installing MAGMA with spack on CUDA 9 and older;
  • Expert interface for Cholesky factorization to improve performance for small problems;
  • Definition changes for some magma_blas routines to call AMD BLAS for HIP installation
    (these routines were previously either not present or were underperforming
      in AMD BLAS, and were therefore defined through magmablas).
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MAGMA 2.6.0

MAGMA 2.6.0 is now released. Updates include:

  • Added HIP support for AMD GPUs (former hipMAGMA) as part of MAGMA;
  • Added inertia computational routines for GPUs;
  • Performance improvements for AMD GPUs;
  • Performance improvement for magma_Xgesv_batched for small sizes;
  • Added Bunch-Kaufman GPU-only sover using BLAS calls (magma_zhetrs_gpu);
  • Added include/magma_config.h file storing the configuration for a particular magma installation (CUDA vs. HIP, etc.);
  • Added expert interfaces for magma_Xgetrf_gpu and magma_Xpotrf_gpu. These interfaces allow the user to specify the factorization mode; hybrid (CPU+GPU) vs. native (GPU only), as well as the blocking size (nb);
  • Added tuning for small size LU, QR, and Cholesky factorizations.
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MAGMA 2.5.4

MAGMA 2.5.4 is now released. Updates include:

  • Support for CUDA 11;
  • Support for Ampere GPUs;
  • New routine: add trmm in all precisions (needed for hipMAGMA);
  • New routine: add sidi routine in real precisions to compute inertia for symmetric indefinite matrices;
  • New routine: GPU interfaces to hetrf in all precisions;
  • New routine: magmablas_Xdiinertia to compute the inertia of a diagonal of a matrix in the GPU memory;
  • Bug fixes in herk and sytrd;
  • Bug fixes in ranged eignesolver testers and fallback calls for small matrices;
  • Performance improvement for Symmetric/Hermitian eigensolvers.
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MagmaDNN 1.2

MagmaDNN 1.2 is now available. MagnaDNN provides HP data analytics and machine learning tools using MAGMA as its computational backend. Updates in this release include:

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements;
  • oneDNN (MKL DNN) support including fully connected, convolutional, and pooling layers;
  • CMake build system;
  • Added NN examples including CNN, ResNet, AlexNet, LeNet, MNIST and CIFAR interactive, and VGG16;
  • Added examples for Tensor Math;
  • C++ style formatter;
  • Modularized distributed optimizer;
  • CIFAR10, CIFAR100, and MNIST data loaders;
  • CUDA streams added;
  • Model summary prinout;
  • Spack package manager installation support.

More information on MagmaDNN 1.2 is given in this paper and tutorial.

Cite as:

Daniel Nichols, Rocco Febbo, Florent Lopez, Kwai Wong, Stanimire Tomov, and Jack Dongarra. (2020, July 30). MagmaDNN (Version 1.2). Zenodo.

MagmaDNN's repository is on Bitbucket:

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hipMAGMA 2.0.0

hipMAGMA 2.0.0 is now released. This is the second release of hipMAGMA, providing support to AMD GPUs. Updates include:

  • Merged and generated from the latest MAGMA 2.5.3 release;
  • Provided currently are around 250 LAPACK functions, amounting to about 1,000 routines when counting all precisions. These routines depend on BLAS and are ported almost without change;
  • Provided are also BLAS, batched BLAS, and auxiliary routines that were orinally written in CUDA and ported to HIP;
  • Performance improvements through specific tuning for AMD GPUs in existing BLAS and bug fixes;
  • Improved documentation and installation;
  • Enabled use of the new hipBLAS routines that were added in the ROCm 3.3 and 3.5 releases;
  • Added and optimized TRMM, TRMV, GEMV, SYMV, GEAM, and batched BLAS in all precisions;
  • hipMAGMA 2.0.0 requires ROCm 3.5 or older;
  • More information is available in the hipMAGMA branch, now a Git repository hosted on bitbucket
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